STAR WARS Official Teaser

STAR WARS Official Teaser

New Fanfare replaces iconic Star Wars opening in New Digital Release.

The new fanfare has replaced the iconic 20th Century Fox “Star Wars” opening. This has played before each release since 1977, in the new digital releases.

The Fox Fanfare was very much tied up in “Star Wars” history, which originally composed in 1933 by Fox Music director Alfred Newman, John Williams composed the “Star Wars” Main Title in the same key, effectively making the theme itself an extension of the fanfare, the Verge reported.

The new score would now accompany all “Star Wars” films going forward, with the only exception being the original film, which 20th Century Fox still hold distribution rights for.

Meanwhile, two amateur astronomers have launched a model of a star wars “X-wing” vehicle in to the stratosphere. The duo hope to attract the attention of Star Wars. The force awakens director JJ Abrams with Their effort, a report by BBC said.

The model was attached to a weather balloon that ascended to around 36,190m before bursting and returning to Earth.

The Mission took around 6months to complete and cost the duo around 1,200 pounds.

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