Causes and Cures of Shoulders

Causes and Cures of Shoulders

If you do heavy lifting on a daily basis, your shoulders may have to bear the brunt once in a while. Shoulders are at a much higher risk of Injuries because of weight training compared with other body parts.

Lifter shoulders are a common complaint among body builders and weightlifters. This is why trainer keep emphasising on the posture in which you weight train. If your posture is right, you can easily prevent lifters shoulders. Symptoms of the condition in clued loss of Shoulders internal rotation and a relative weakness of the lower trapezius muscle.

What is Shoulders Pain?

The shoulder region encompasses several soft tissues and multiple joint all working tighter. It cannot always have smooth movements in coordination with the rest of the body while lifting weights. It is a matter of movement, there will be trouble if movement is not crisp and clean. In a nutshell, pain in the shoulders is caused because of incorrect shoulder mobility and movement patterns.

Causes and Cures of Shoulders:

Cures of Shoulders:

Most cases of lifters shoulders resolve quickly with proper rest, applying ice packs, snit-inflammatory medication. It may be something more complex. Corrective exercise can also restore external rotation of shoulder.

Kneel with your left knee on the floor and the right knee upwards. Hold a dowel across your shoulder just like you do while performing back squat. Tune your shoulders to the right and as far you can without pain. Hold this position for 2 seconds before you get back to the starting position. Do 10 reps. this exercise will help in returning external rotation to your right shoulder. For left shoulder external rotation loss, perform the same steps on the left side.

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