Best Tricks to speedup PenDrive Data Transfer

Best Tricks to speedup PenDrive Data Transfer

Pendrive and USB are rather trendy in the Digital world for instants of Data. Pendrive is truly popular in the computerized world for moment Exchange of information. Use USB flash drives easily transfer large file from one computer to another from computer (pc) to laptop, from laptop to TV, and vice versa. When you match up to new Pendrive with old ones, you will see a large high transfer rate in the latest one. Still there are times when you can get out of sorts with slow transfer speed of Pendrive while copying data in Pendrive. Well this blog (Article) shall provide you with some tips use which you can Best Tricks to speedup PenDrive Data Transfer.

Best Tricks to speedup PenDrive Data Transfer /Few Tips to Speedup Pendrive Data Transfer Rate

File system should be NTFS

If you want to speedup Pendrive then make sure you have NTFS as file system. You can do so by right click on you Pendrive and selecting format, Select, uncheck Quick Format and click on start.

Disk errors

To check disk error now go to the properties tab of your Pendrive then choose TOOLS TAB. you will search a check now button click it and then hit START to fix the error. The time taken for scan depends on the size of the Pendrive.

Device Policy

Under properties of your Pendrive choose HARDWARE tab. after that USB device from there that will guide you to pop up windows where you need to change settings. You can even have improved performance of Pendrive by click the option under HAEDWARE tab.


This is one of the effective option that many users have tried .when you have use your Pendrive for quite a long time you can speedup to formatting the device. Carefully test your Pendrive with the factors given above to speedup Pendrive. You should keep check for these aspects habitually, state twice of thrice in a month.

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