Your next iphone could be Made in India

Your next iphone could be Made in India

The Indian government has launched a new project recently known as Make in India, offering incentives for global companies to open up mechanized units across the country.

A new report is suggesting that Apple iphone could soon be produced in the country as part of this plan. It is said that Foxconn Manufacturing units will be opened in Maharashtra for this reason of course, we have no verification of this from apple or Foxconn yet, so this could merely remain a rumor.

The CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis on his recent trip to china was said to have visited Foxconn’s manufacturing unit in the Henan province of China.

As well know, Foxconn assembles phones for Apple in its units transversely China, so possibility up a unit in Maharashtra could divide the workload for the company and bring in revenue and new jobs to India. This decision will also be taken in to account depending on the labour costs, so not anything is set in stone at the moment.

Fadnavis has implied that this mechanized unit could be set up in Pune or Aurangabad, but was also mindful of the fact that it might need a massive investment upfront.

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