Top Cartoon Villains

Top Cartoon Villains

Here we are giving some information about the Top Cartoon Villains.

  • Cruella De Vil

one Hundred and One Dalmatians. The stylish De Vil was so wicked, someone else had to perform her villain song. Cruella’s death’s head face, her schizoid black and white hair and cheekbones that look like she’s holding a double-pointed arrow in her mouth are nothing compared to her satanic, go for broke obsession to own those spotted dogs.

  • Captain Hook, Peter Pan

You can count on Hans conried to add a theatrical flair to any performance. As the crocodile-Pursued Pirate, Conried chews the painted scenery as if he hadn’t eaten in a month. Hook is one of Disney’s best animated villains, how could he not be, considering he was brought to life by two of the best animators ever to lift a pencil.

  • Hades

Disney’s Hercules James Wood’s fast talking, anachronistic Hollywood Sweetie Baby Patter Probably isn’t that far off from what you’d hear for real in Tinsel town.

  • Darla Dimple

Cats Don’t Dance like Bongo, a villain who at first glance doesn’t look like one. Don’t be fooled by this chubby legged, big eyed moppet’s sugary sweet faced, she is one bitchy diva and no Kitty cat or doggie is going to drag her down. She quickly reprises her Big and Loud Production Number-extolling the virtues of give ‘em all you got show biz Pizazz-into a piece of thirsting for revenge nastiness.

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