Most Toughest Exam in World

Most Toughest Exam in World

There are many toughest exams in world but we mentioned Most Toughest Exam in World.

  • Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

This is till date hailed as the world’s toughest exam. One does not have any idea as to how selective the authorities can get while selecting applicants. The exam was first taken 40 years ago in the UK and since then only 200 applicants have been selected on the basis of this exam.

  • ALL Souls Prize Fellowship Exam

As we draw to the near end of the list, the exams keep getting tougher. This fellowship exam held at Oxford University’s all Souls College is one of the toughest exams in the world. Were required to write a long essay about only one word given in one of the papers.

  • CFA Exam

The CFA is not an academic degree, it is a professional stature. The wall street journal termed the CFA test as the toughest test in the world. Less than one-fifth of the applicants pass each year and most of them attempt for the CFA repeatedly.

  • GRE Exam

GRE, as well know, is like the entrance test for most schools in the States. It is held both online and on paper. For the computer based online exam, there are six different sections containing analytical writing sections, verbal reasoning sections, quantitative reasoning sections and research section.

  • Mensa

It is the oldest and largest highest IQ society on the world, a non profit organization where people who score 98 percentile in the standardized IQ tests are considered to be low rankers. Mensa has branches all over the world.

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