How to Keep Your Google Account Safe

How to Keep Your Google Account Safe

Each day we hear about a service, app or website getting hacked, information leaks and passwords are compromised. Google’s account information, which has become sort of Ubiquitous is not only use in your Android Smartphone but also across various website they allow Google Logins.

Here we provide the some the tips for How to Keep Your Google Account Safe, you all can use this tips which are given below to secure your Google account from hacking.

Below are the list tips for How to Keep Your Google Account Safe.

  • Keep a strong Password. Always strong doesn’t always mean Batman, which was listed in top 25 worst passwords.
  • Create a password which is a mix of capital, small letters and special characters with Numbers. It would be more advisable if your password is not related to your life.
  • Always keep one extra Email Account. If somebody has managed to hack into your primary account and change the password, you can use the recovery email to get it back.
  • Account activity shows when and where you logged in to your account. It also tells you the number of device that is using your Google Account.
  • Simple going through it will show you if there is some unknown number of devices use in google account. It will also be the case if you forget to log out of a system.
  • You can check your account activity from Google settings on any computer. Or a simpler option is to go way your Gmail account and click on Last account activity.
  • Google will notify you through email on your phone if there has been any unusual activity in your account, such as login from a new device, change of Password etc.

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