Great Bollywood Villains

Great Bollywood Villains

Here we are giving some information about the Great Bollywood Villains.

  • Mogambo (Amrish Puri)

Movie mr.india Achievements and activities terrorism, creating chaos and horror by means of detonating bomb in public places. Owns an army of dedicated soldiers who keep shouting Hail Mogambo.

  • Gabbar( Amjad Khan)

Movie-Sholay Achievements and activities Dacoit, hates Ramgarh and hates Thakur. Have some of the most memorable names in his Gang, Sambha and Kaaliya. Enjoys Chewing Tobacco. Has a taste for gypsy music with bonfire and Helen.

  • Shaakal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda)

Movie Shaan Achievements and activities Owns a Shark tank, Sliding Door, moisturises scalp regularly. India’s answer to every Bond Villain and Dr.evil as well. Shaakaal’s style and charisma excels those to Amitabh, shashi and Shatrughan put together

  • Kancha Cheena (Danny Denzongpa)

Movie-Agneepath Achievements and Activities Crime Baron, take over village Mandwa where hero Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is born. Just wants to keep his business flourishing, so that’s it. He has aviator shades on with clean gelled hair.

  • Sher Khan (Pran)

Movie Zanjeer Achievements and activities the original Pathan of Bollywood, the benchmark of the onscreen Pathani accent. Runs all kinda illegal businesses. Fought with the angriest onscreen character ever-inspector Vijay Khanna.


Movie Kalicharan Achievements and activities He is the friggin baap of all crimelords. White suit, black shades, White pants, white shoes, Peter, Mona and Robert are few of his zillion Sidekicks.

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