Fastest Train in World

Fastest Train in World

There are many good trains in the world. But some train is good in speed, give some advance facilities, etc.Here we are giving some information about the Fastest Train in World.

  • CRH380A, China

The CRH380A is a chiness high Speed train manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive And Rolling stock Co, ltd. This train was replaced CRH2 foreign technology. This train is designed to operate at the speed of 380 km/h while in operation and 480 km/h while it’s in testing.

  • TR-09, Germany

Transrapid or TR is a German High speed monorail train using magnetic levitation. The current application ready version, the Transrapid 09, has been designed for 500 km/h cursing speed but it’s somehow will be 450 km/hour for safety reason.

  • Shinkansen , Japan

The Shinkansen or bullet train of Japan is a network of high speed railways in Japan. It’s connected several cities in Japan and still expanded to more cities. The Shinkansen are using 25,000 V AC overhead power supply.

  • TGV Reseau, France

The TGV Reseau are high speed trains SNCF and were built by Alstom between 1992 and 1996. Theses TGV train sets are based on the earlier TGV Atlantique. The train basically can run up to 380 km/h while it’s in service.

  • KTX 2, South Korea

KIX 2 or KTX Sancheon high speed train built in South Korean by Hyundai Rotern. It is now operated by korail since March 2009. The train was designed and test can run at the speed of 352.4 km/h but for safety reasons the top speed of this train become 305 km/h.

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