Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit

Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit

Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit is known by the people as Chikoo. Most of the people are not familiar by the name of Chikoo as “Sapota”. Chikoo is very yummy, sweet, delicate and calorie load fruit belongs to the category of mango, banana or jack. The Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit is also famous as Noseberry, Mudapples, sapodilla plum and Chikoo Sapota.

Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit is proven from the below benefits of Chikoo.

Improves Eye Vision in Old Age:

Chikoo fruit is very beneficial to your eyes as it is the good source of Vitamin A which naturally aids in improving your eye vision even in the old ages.

Energizes the body:

It revitalizes the body through its high energy content like fructose and sucrose which supply instant energy.

Provides Relief from Inflammation:

Chikoo fruit is very effective anti inflammatory agent because of its high tannins content.

Improves Digestive Tract Health:

It helps in improving the health of digestive tract by preventing variety of inflammations like esophagitis, irritable bowel syndrome, enteritis and gastritis.

Prevent from Cancer:

Its vitamins contents maintain the heath of mucus linings in the body and so skin texture.

Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit
Chikoo or Sapodilla Healthiest fruit

Strangthens Bone:

Chikoo makes your bones healthy and powerful as it contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and etc required to maintain the bone endurance.

Provides Relief from Constipation:

It is dietary fibers rich fruit thus aids in relieving constipation. It nourishes the colons’s membrane by making it resistant to the infections.

Stops Blood Loss from Piles:

Chikoo fruit also has haemostatic property means assists in stopping blood loss during piles or other injuries.

Provides Relief from Insect Bite:

The paste of it seeds can also apply on the areas of insect bites to get instant relief.

Prevents from Bacterial:

It also has the anti-parasitic, anti viral and anti bacterial property. Also as it has the polyphenolic antioxidants which prevent the bacteria to grow or enter into the human body.

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