Skin Secrets That Every Woman Should Know

Top Skin Secrets That Every Woman Should Know

From pigmentation to blemishes, acne to scars and pimples to freckles-women suffer from a plethora of skin woes and will not think twice about trying out a new skin lotion or pimple not working cream. Only a handful of women are blessed with flawless skin and if you don’t belong to that lucky group, help is at hand. Here’s what you need to do…Slather on the sunscreen: Do you wear sunscreen every single day of a year? Chances are the most women will reply in harmful. Wearing sunscreen means you are defensive your face and arms from the on slaught of harmful UV rays that can mutely wreak chaos on your skin. Use a sunscreen which has an SPF of 30 that is ideal for the Indian Climate.

Raid your Kitchen:

The Indian kitchen is literally a treasure trove of skin top secret. Beautiful skin appears from within so; what you eat is very essential when it comes to the health of your skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a supreme must if you want skin that shines. And this doesn’t have to be a phase it has to be ongoing efforts. Make your that your daily diet has include helping of fruits and vegetables and see what a difference it makes to your skin.

Hydrate Yourself:

Beauty experts may have gone blue in the face telling you to drink enough water but unfortunately many women don’t seem to heed this precious piece of suggestion. Dehydration can basis your skin to get dry and flaky giving you that stretched out feeling.Always keep a bottle handy and keeps drink on water even if you aren’t thirty. Set a aide memoire if you have to.

Don’t over wash your face:

In an attempt to cleanse the skin carefully, many women go overboard and wash their face many times a day. This says experts, is a big no-no and will only harm your skin in the long run. Two times a day is enough in removing the dirt, grime and makeup of the day.

Have a yearly check up:

After the age of 30 every women must go for an annual cervical ovarian and breast exam, separately from a blood sugar level test

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