Top 5 Website Speed Checker Tools

Top 5 Website Speed Checker Tools

Website speed is a very important factor of SEO (search engine optimization). There are a range of methods to add to the website loading speed. User has not time to wait to open site. Transfer is also an important facet of business.  Shared Top 5 Website speed checker tools website loading speed and decrease your website loading speed time .Speed is a critical element of running a successful website and should always be a priority for site managers

Here is a list of free tools Top 5 Website speed checker tools. There are easy speed tests, comprehensive tests with simulated traffic from around the globe, and multiple-site tests for top-to-top comparisons. Some of these tools offer suggestions to improve a site performance.

Top 5 Website speed checker tools

Website Speed Checker ToolsPingdom

Pingdom is a website monitor facility that offers free speed tests. Pingdom will show the load time of your web page and also give you with a concert grade based on some significant factors.

Website Speed Checker ToolsGTmetrix

GTmetrix is a free tool that results your website speed. GTmetrix provide your page speed  but it will also analyze around 30 different ways to improve your website’s speed and performance. You even see your website YSlow grade.

Website Speed Checker ToolsWebPagetest

Web Pagetest   is a free online tool that displays the load time of your web page as well as 6 different performance grades.

Website Speed Checker ToolsGoogle PageSpeed

Google Page Speed is a free tool plug in that marks your websites show.

Website Speed Checker ToolsYSlow

YSlow is a free plug-in for your browser that can verify the show of any web page you visit.

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