The Top Most Expensive Cars of 2015

There is super pricey choice to choose from among the lavish auto world. You can ever wonder what cars you could afford to purchase. Here we provide the top most expensive cars of 2015.

Most Expensive Cars of 2015Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini will produce just nine model of the vehicle, no more. The car features a “740-hp, 6.5- liter V-12 and seven single-clutch ISP automated manual transmission found in Veneno coupe” according to Car And Driver and a whole lot of carbon fiber. The price of this car is $4.5 million.

Most Expensive Cars of 2015Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse 

The Vitesse is approximately $2,250,000 and has a 1200 horsepower from its quad-turbo 8(eight)liter W-16 engine with a rear-spoiler that deploys once the vehicle reaches higher speeds, simply excellent for those long drives on the airplane runways.

Most Expensive Cars of 2015Hennessey Venom GT

“Venom GT World’s quickest Edition, Hennessey builds special-edition supercar to commemorate speed records” according to Those looking for a record breaker will stop the search at the Venom GT that has managed to capture the 13.63 sec. O-300 km/h Guinness World record and reach a 270.4 mph high speed run at the Kennedy Space Center. Price of this car is $1.25 million.

Most Expensive Cars of 2015Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra could be a $1,444,120 car that additionally falls within the hyper car class. With sleek and innovative body styling, the 720 H.P. vehicles are incredibly probable to turn heads wherever it’s driven.

Most Expensive Cars of 2015Ferrari LaFerrari

The Forbes was additionally the gorgeous Ferrari LaFerrari a $1,350,000 hyper car. The cost tag the lucky customer will receive a “789-hp V-12 engine that gets a 161-hp boost from an electrical motor- that’s right, it’s a hybrid-enabling it to accelerate sort of a Bugatti Veyron whereas achieving somewhat respectable fuel economy” according to Car And Driver.

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