The Amazing Health secret of flowers

Health secret of flowersFlowers are a pretty to look at and increase the aesthetic value of your surroundings. They will be pleasantly surprised to know that flowers have several health benefits as well.

Not only the flowers decrease the stress they also rich in plant hormones which are very good for our health. There are many flowers Great for skin problems and a great choice for aroma therapy; flowers are a good natural enhancer.

Roses are frequently used in a beverage form to help people, who suffer from irritable bowel disease gall bladder and liver problems. Rose water is a excellent cleaner and the fragrance of roses is known to elevate mood.

Marigold petals can be used to make excellent eye washer. Experts also say that marigold can be used as a healing ointment to cure cuts, scraper or grazes because it has antibacterial and anti – fungal properties.

The extracts of Dandelion can be used to treat anemia and jaundice, and also to filter the blood. Chamomile removes gases in the intestine, relieves you form stress, and treats skin burns and frustration. It also gives relief from mouth sore, stomach pain and stressed muscles.

The essence of calendula is useful for relieving menstruation pain, sore throat and tonsillitis.

The juice of chrysanthemums cures freezing and fever. You can also apply the juice using a cotton sward over your eyes to decrease swelling and redness.

Gargle with sunflower remove to get relief from sore throat.

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