Style Long Locks easily this Summer

Style Long Locks easily this Summer

Style Long Locks easily this SummerSummer frequently makes women like their hair length but for those who want to stay away from losing their hair, there are other options too.

From chopping it in layers to styling it to braids or top knots one look glamorous even in hot weather. Below are some ways to manage long hair when temperature goes high.

Cut hair in layer (in long length) at front and rear to reduce the density, but still keep the length.

Use a leave-in conditioner on the bottom of hair which is often more frizzy and difficult to deal with.

Wear a cap or scarf whenever you wish to save from harm your hair from sun damage.

Style it to braids, top tie, and precise up ponytail.

Style your hair at home. Heat your curler to a moderate temperature. Let it heat for 5 minutes before you start. Divide your hair in section, the front being the top and back being the nape. Further split the crown and nape into 2 sections from the centre left and right each. On total making it 4 parts to work on one by one.

Clip these sections and work on even smaller part one by one. Smoothen the hair twice or thrice from the root going down with the straightener or curler. Do not hurry while bringing it down to hair length.

At same time do not keep the style still at a certain section for more than 10 to 15 second as it can burn or damage the hair.

In case of straightening bring it downstairs slowly to ends and keep it on the ends for longer for smoother tips.

In case of curling roll each strand grabbing the tips in the clip of the curler and then roll it up. Keep it for little seconds and then gently open the clip to release the strand.

If your hair is too smooth or frizzy, put gel spray on section before starting to use the straightener or curler. Make sure you spray it from a distance and in less quantity.

Once you complete to do all sections blend them by combing gently running your finger.

To complete style your hair and add some finishing spray to last longer and stay in place.

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