Seven Cancer Screening Tests Women must know

Being woman, you’re at high risk of suffering from cancer. So, here we bring you few tests which will help you detect tumor during its early stages.

Here are the seven cancer screening tests that all women must know of.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowMammograms

Mammogram is a type of x-ray that helps you to detect proof of breast tumor. Mammograms are normally a digital which means that the results are precise and detailed. As specialists suggest, all women in beginning at the age of 40 should undergo mammogram screening a minimum once year.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowGenetic Testing for BRCA Gene Mutations

In genetic test, the blood samples are used to detect harmful mutations in BRCA1/BRCA2 genes that increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in some women.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowPap smear for cervical cancer

A sample of cells is used in Pap test to perceive any changes within the cervix before any symptoms of cervical cancer such as unusual bleeding; discharge or pain during intercourse occur. A swab from the cervix is taken in the pelvic exam that is then sent to the lab for testing.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowAt home breast self exams

This is a test in which you have to gently touch your own breasts. Detection of any lumps or different changes may be a sign of tumor. Look in the mirror & try to notice changes like dimpling or swelling. Whereas lying along and using the pads of your fingers check each breast & armpit for anything that feels like a lump.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowHuman Papillomavirus (HPA) DNA Test

This is the approved test for cervical cancer that is done much like the Pap test by taking a sample of the cervical cells in pelvic examination. Occurrences of strains of the virus HPV 16 & HPV 18 are possibly to be the cause of cervical cancer.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowSpiral CT for Lung Cancer Screening

To get a lot of accurate and detailed x-ray of the lungs in order to detect cancer, a spiral CT or low dose computed tomography scan is complete. Smoker or former smokers who are between 55 & 80 who have 30 pack in a year history should get this test done yearly.

Cancer Screening Tests Women must knowUterine and Endometrial cancer Detection

In case you’ve experienced symptoms like abnormal vaginal bleeding, bleeding after menopause, pelvic during intercourse or while urinating, you may be suffering from uterine or endometrial cancer. The pelvic exams can help you detect the cause, followed by an ultrasound to show evidence of uterine tumor.

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