Interesting Things about Akshay Kumar
Interesting Things about Akshay Kumar

Interesting Things about Akshay Kumar

Interesting Things about Akshay Kumar: Akshay Kumar is one of those Bollywood Actors who have scratched their way to reach at the top rank. Therefore he is currently one of the Bollywood celebrity who have massive fan following. Some Interesting Things about Akshay Kumar is as given below.

Real name

Akshay Kumar’s real name is Rajeev Bhatia, son of Hari Om Bhatia who was a military officer. He named his production home Hari Om invention, on his father first name.

Martial Artist

From childhood he was interested in martial art and also earned Black Belt in Taekwondo. Then he goes to Bangkok and learned Muay Thai and also worked as Chef and Waiter.

Accidental Model

After coming back to India he started instruction Martial Art. One of his students suggested him to be a model and also ultimately let to a modelling assignment. He earned more wealth in 2 days compared to his monthly salary.

Accidental Actor as well

One day he missed his fight for a modelling project in Bangalore. annoyed with himself, he visited a movie studio along with his portfolio. Luckily that evening, Kumar was signed for a lead role by producer pramod Chakravarthy for the movie Deedar.

Interesting Things about Akshay Kumar

3-4 Movies every year

In an Interview he said that initially he did only commercial movies because he had to earn money but now he have that luxury to choose movies based on his interest. That’s why he still do 3 to 4 picture a year.

No Equipment in GYM

Akshay Kumar’s Gym is not a normal Gym. Therefore he doesn’t have any equipment in his Gym. He do Exercise, boxing, Martial art and also running to remain fit.

Drive Honda CRV

Akshay Kumar does have many Luxurious car but you will see him in Honda CRV most of the time. He feels that Honda makes most cars according to Indian Roads.

Personal cost

Surprised! Yes, Akshay Kumar spends less than 10000 for personal Expenset. This does not take in food which is provided at set.

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