Guddu Rangeela Official Trailer

Guddu Rangeela Official TrailerGuddu Rangeela Official Trailer: Guddu Rangeela is an Upcoming Indian jesting Movie, directed by Subhash Kapoor. It stars Amit Sadu, Arshad Warsi, and Ronit Roy in lead Roles. The movie is present by Fox Studios and produce by Sangeeta Ahir from Mangalmurti Movies.

Two cousins Guddu and Rangeela run a small town orchestra party while moonlighting as informants for local gangs. While younger reckless Guddu can’t keep his hands off women. Rangeela is still fighting a fruitless court case to avenge the killing of his wife. Babli years back at the hands of local political leader Bilu Pahalwan. When a local PR for the criminal world Asfaq gives them a chance to make quite a money to pay off the new corrupt Inspector and to continue their case by kidnapping a young girl named BABY from a different city.

They don’t realize that they have chanced upon the perfect revenge plan because Baby is the estranged sister in law of the vicious Billo. And what’s more, she has an ax to crush against Billo herself. They set off on a road tour which becomes a cat and mouse chase between the political control, police force and a bussing tale of forbidden young love on the run.

Watch here the Guddu Rangeela Official Trailer

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