Candy Crush Saga Trick: NO REQUEST Required To Go For Next Stage

Candy crush saga is a very popular game on android, ios and facebook. Which is play by millions of people every day? many of us love to play this game while playing this game somewhere in the middle of the game while playing either on your mobile devises or on facebook you get a message sating you have unlock this level to play , for that we had to send request to our friends after they accept we get points and them and then the level gets unlocked .This process may totally annoy people who receive game request and they keep on abusing you or sometimes your close friends may even block you in face book because of this annoying game request.

So just follow these simple steps unlock new levels candy crush saga.

Go to the facebook (FB) apps and access to the settings section:-

Candy Crush Saga Trick

Open the facebook app on your phone and go to the option. Which is the icon furthest to the right that of the three horizontal lines. Go down the menu until you find the option account settings and select it.

Go to configuration of candy crush saga. Within this menu select the option application. Select the session with face book.

Candy Crush Saga Trick

From the list of install apps select candy crush saga. Inside your tab scroll to the bottom of everything and select delete the application and press the button logo clear. .relax, this does not delete the game from your phone or your progress in it. Simply that is associated with your FB account.

Candy Crush Saga Trick

Now that you have disconnected your candy crush saga. Now FB won’t annoy you to spend money or ask your friend to help too unlock levels. Simple log into third option you now appear to play challenge. Finishing these challenges will unlock the next level.

Candy Crush Saga Trick

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