Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of YogaYoga may be a science that has been practiced for thousands of year. It’s consists of Ancient Theories, observations and principles concerning the mind and body connection that is now being well-tried by modern drug. Substantial researcher has been conducted to appear at the health Benefits of yoga- from the Yoga Postures (Asanas), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama) and Meditation. The knowledge on yoga Poses & profit are grouped into 3 categories physiological, biochemical and psychological.

Psychological Advantage of Yoga

  • Somatic and kinaesthetic awareness rises.
  • Anxiety and Depression reduce.
  • Memory improves.
  • Self-actualization rises.
  • Social skills will increase.
  • Attention improves.
  • Concentration improves.
  • Depth perception improves.
  • Learning competence improves.
  • Mood improves increase.
  • Hostility decreases.
  • Symbol code improves.

Biochemical Advantage of Yoga

  • Sodium decreases.
  • Glucose decreases.
  • HDL cholesterol decreases.
  • ATPase will increase.
  • LDL cholesterol reduces.
  • Hemoglobin will increase.
  • Total white blood unit count increases.
  • Vitamin C rises.
  • Catecholamine will increase.
  • Total blood serum protein will increase.

Physiological Advantage of Yoga

  • Pulse rate reduce.
  • Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium.
  • Blood Pressure reduces.
  • EMG activity will decrease.
  • Respiratory rate will decrease.
  • Joint range of motion will increase.
  • Posture improves.
  • Endocrine function normalizes.
  • Dexterity skills improve.
  • Energy level increase.
  • Weight normalizes.
  • Sleep improves.
  • Integrated functioning of body parts improves.
  • Pain decreases.
  • Immunity increase.

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