Top scary horror movies
Top scary horror movies

Top scary horror movies of the world

Horror films are very popular all over the world. Therefore, Nobody can see those scary movies alone. Also Even the people who saw these films have got faint. Also Let’s look at those Top scary horror movies of the world films official trailer here.

The Exorcist Collection

The Exorcist Collection is so landmark film in the horror movies. The film was released in 1973 and the sequels of this classic scary movie are also quite popular.

The Ringu Trilogy

Also The Ringu Trilogy film is despite the myths of the Ringu Cult. Therefore The film is basically made into Japanese.


Shutter is one of the world’s most popular horror films. The people who have seen this movie got unconscious. The film cannot see alone.


Well, a mother’s love is the most beautiful thing in the World. But in the film Mama it happens reverse, Jamie Lanistr who is playing double role in this film has broken all the records.

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black, This movie peoples are watching this movie because of the Daniel Radcliffe. But the Film is also one of the beautiful horror films.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence, the film story is about a creepy doll. In the whole film Doll, creepy mansion and an old lady will scare you.


In the Film Annabelle have some so creepy scenes of little door and elevator. Also The film is very horror and also cannot be seen alone.

The Eye

However, Film The Eye made in Hong Kong and became popular horror movie in the world.


This film is the so very scary gift for the horror movies fan. Also In the film children has been used for the scary scene.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The film story also is based on the true facts. The scary scene of the movie will make so you shivering.

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