most dangerous countries in the worldTop 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World: 

Based on the Analysis on terrorist and insurgent activity the top 10 world’s most dangerous countries list has been announced by Country Threat Index (CTI) for 2015. This list was released based on the terrorist and insurgent activities in past 30 days as of 8 March 2015.

As of March 2015, IntelCenter’s List of 10 most Dangerous Countries, Iraq is on first place and Syria on second place with these two countries Middle east become the most dangerous place to live.

IntelCenter’s “Country Threat Index (CTI) is considering not only terrorist and insurgent activities it also including other risks factors like videos, photos, incidents and the number of killing and injured in a country to determine the most dangerous countries in the world. The higher number of CTI means the greater risk.

There are total 49 countries which are having CTI greater than Zero. The average CTI for these countries is 66. The Global CTI is 3,233.

Top 10 countries in CTI respectively are as below:

  1. Iraq (811 CTI)
  2. Syria (717 CTI)
  3. Nigeria (273 CTI)
  4. Somalia (257 CTI
  5. Afghanistan (186 CTI)
  6. Libya (157 CTI)
  7. Yemen (132 CTI)
  8. Pakistan (122 CTI)
  9. Ukraine (103 CTI)
  10. Egypt   (74 CTI)

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