Top 10 Facts about Brain Cancer
Top 10 Facts about Brain Cancer

Top 10 Facts about Brain Cancer

Top 10 Facts about Brain Cancer: Brain cancer happens when a mass of cancer tissue, also referred as brain tumor, interferes with the functioning of the brain. Brain cancer is categorized into two varieties as primary brain cancer and metastatic brain cancer. In primary type brain cancer, the cancerous cells develop from the brain and in metastatic brain cancer; the brain gets the cancer cells from different parts of the body. According to a recent estimation by WHO even if brain cancer occurs quite rarely, it develops in about 22,000 new people each year.

The following are the facts about brain cancer may help you to understand the symptoms, causes, signs and treatment:

Top 10 Facts about Brain Cancer
Top 10 Facts about Brain Cancer

The common symptoms of all forms of brain cancer contain headache, seizure, eye weakness, personality changes, vomiting, speech disturbances, memory loss, etc.

The most common type of brain cancer is secondary brain cancer. The second most common brain cancer is Gliobalastoma that is the most common primary brain cancer.

The survival rate for primary brain cancer (Gliobalastoma) is typically 10 or 12 months with all treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotheraphy.This survival rate for secondary brain cancer varies depending upon the status and type of primary cancer.

Treatment options depend upon the type of the cancer. For primary brain cancer, surgery is that the first treatment option followed by radiotherapy & chemotheraphy.For secondary brain cancer, surgery or radiotheraphy, chemotheraphy & gamma knife surgery are the options depending upon the size and no. of the tumors.

Facts about Brain Cancer

Males have high risk of developing brain cancer than Females. But glioma, the common primary brain cancer, occurs more in female than male.

The brain tumors may also occur in children under twenty years. The tumors common in 5 to 10 years of age are normally cancerous.

Also your cell phone emits radioactive waves, which is a potential cause of brain cancer.

There are many types of brain tumors. No 2 tumors are alike. Not all brain tumors are cancerous also.

Headache is one of the most common symptoms. But the most significant is the progressive increase in intensity and normally of headache. Early morning headache is one of the characteristic symptoms.

If it’s primary brain cancer, then organ donation is not a problem. But in secondary brain cancer the patient cannot be a candidate for donation.

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