The Royal Wedding of Brunei Prince

The Royal Wedding of Brunei PrinceKing of Brunei’s youngest son, Prince Hassan Abdul Malik al-Bolkia’s marriage ceremony is going on. Celebration began on April 5 and will be continue till April 15. According to the state media report on Sunday, Prince Abdul’s wedding ceremony was completed in very regal. Prince Abdul married to a 22 year old Dayangku Raabi’tul ‘Adawiyyah Pengiran haji Bolkiah, whose profession is System Data Analysts and IT Instructor.

The Royal Wedding of Brunei PrinceThe Wedding ceremony is running since last 11 days on the Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan’s two different locations. For the presentation of religious programs, one public stage was prepared on the venue. After the ceremony the couple posed for the photographers for pictures.

The royal wedding ceremony demonstrates the wealth of Brunei’s culture which maintains and dominates hereditary behind modernity.
The Royal Wedding of Brunei PrinceFor the people in the country, the customs are regarded as national treasures that are to be proud of where the old traditions are still preserved and harmonized with modernity.  The royal wedding ceremony is the base of tradition for the Brunei Malay Weddings.


The Royal Wedding of Brunei PrinceDuring a wedding the bride and groom are dressed in all their finery, Bridal was wearing the Diamond Studded crown, A Necklace of Diamonds, brooch, bracelet and ring as well as the delicate posy made of gems. The bride wear jewel-encrusted Christian Louboutin heels, as well as a chunky pure gold anklet.

The Royal Wedding of Brunei PrinceSome 6,000 people attended the ceremony, among who are Malaysian Royals, Dignitaries, and cabinet ministers, members of the Privy Council, deputy ministers, foreign diplomats, Legislative council member and senior government officials.The Royal Wedding of Brunei Prince

The royal wedding banquets take place on Sunday evening. The wedding celebration will end with thanksgiving prayers on April 15.

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