Net Neutrality – Save the Internet

Net Neutrality – Save the Internet

Net NeutralityIn favor of the freedom of internet campaign is getting faster on the social media. After the anger view of the internet users, E-commerce Company Flipkart and Airtel have broke the zero plans. Through this plan, Airtel customers can get free access to the Flipkart. This can be threat to the Net Neutrality. On this issue Telecom regulator TRAI has asked the opinion from the local public till 24 April. The central government has constituted a committee on this matter who will submit the report in this month.

First of all let’s see what is Net Neutrality, when any person is buying the data pack from the operator so, he has right to surf the net or the Skype Voice or video calling on Viber, which should be charge at the same rate. The rate depends on how much data is used during this. This is called Net Neutrality. But if the Net Neutrality will end then you need to pay separately for each facility. This will benefit to the companies, but for the people internet will be expensive.

You can also visit website can give your valuable opinion on this and join the campaign for Save the Internet.

You can watch the below mention video for more information and explanation about the net neutrality and how it can affect us.

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