Mayweather Vs Pacquiao : The Million Dollars Fight

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao : The Million Dollars Fight

During the IPL – 8 players auction Delhi Daredevils team had bought Yuvraj Singh in the record price of INR 16 Crore and surprised many. But in Boxing on 2nd May one fight is going to be play, in which both boxer if they won or lost, they will sure get the prize of INR 1300 Crore.

Mayweather Vs PacquiaoWe are talking about the Boxing match between America’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. And the Philippines Manny Pacquiao, which is going to played on the Las Vegas MGM garden. The Match organizers has been forbidden to get income around 500 million dollars (INR 3200 Crore). Whatever the final result will come for this match, Mayweather will get INR 757 Crore and Pacquiao will get INR 505 Crore which is fixed. With this at the same time Mayweather will become the first player in the world to win the highest prize money in single day.

Mayweather Vs PacquiaoIn Addition, the match winning boxer will get title of the Unified WBA (Super), World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization. By the sale of tickets for the match Organizers will get almost INR 450 Crore. The funny thing is that, for the lowest ticket need to pay INR 97000 and the Expensive ticket is INR 5 Lacs. Despite the high rate of the tickets MGM Garden Arena is having the capacity of the 16500 peoples and all the tickets already sold out. The match has given the name as “Bout of the Century”. Mayweather got $420 million and Pacquiao also achieved the $335 million carrier prize.

Facts About the “Jackpot” Match
  • The Match will get whatever result Mayweather will get fixed prize of INR757 crore and Pacquiao will get INR 505 Crore.
  • For the match lowest Ticket is INR97000 and Expensive ticket price is INR 5 Lacs.
  • The first 1000 tickets were sold in just 60 seconds for this match.
  • The Ticket price has been reach to 1.5 million dollars in Black Market.
  • Only by the sale of tickets the organizers will earn INR 450 Crore.
  • The match so far has received $ 12 million sponsorship.

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