Katy Perry loves jokes on a Dates

Katy PerryBoyfriend does its best to please his girlfriend on date. Some boyfriends crack jokes on date for his girlfriend. Katy Perry also likes to hear jokes on date.

Singer Katy Perry says that she likes simple dates only. But she likes very much to hear the jokes. “Dark Horse” Hit makers Perry before married to Russell Brand, Nowadays she in relationship with John Mayer.

Katy Perry said, “I like good food and good things. My perfect date would also be very simple. Yes, I’d love if I get chance to have good food with good jokes. I like jokes. Even if the movie than its great.

It’s difficult to finish any work suddenly, but still I’m trying to make all the things normal.

She was asked if she would be asked to leave everything, and she said, “I want to be left on the island without a phone, so believe me, I had already hiding a phone in my box.”

She says, “I do love when I do something. I wish to go into the farms during the summers, go to the market and choose the fruits. It is great life.”

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