Idi Amin – The World’s worst Dictators in History – Part 2

Idi Amin – The World’s worst Dictators in History – Part 2

Idi AminIdi Amin Dada was born on 1925 in Kobko, in northwestern Uganda. His father Kakwa and mother Lugbara were separated shortly afterwards. In 1946, after receiving only a rudimentary education, Amin joined the King’s African Rifles (KAR), a regiment of the British colonial Army. He was deployed to Somalia in 1949 to fight the Shifta rebels and later fought with the British during the suppression of the Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya (1952-56). In 1959, he attained the rank of effendi the highest position for a black African soldier withing KAR and by 1966; he had been appointed commander of the armed forces.

During this time in the army, Amin became the light heavyweight boxing champion of Uganda and he held this title from 1951 to 1960.

Idi AminAfter more than 70 years under British Rule, Uganda gained its independence on October 9, 1962 and Milton Obote became the nation’s first prime minister. By 1964, Obote had forged an alliance with Amin, who helped expand the size and power of the Ugandan Army. In February 1966, following accusation that the pair was responsible for smuggling gold and ivory from Congo that were subsequently traded for arms, Obote suspended the constition and proclaimed himself executive president. Shortly after that, obote sent Amin to dethrone King Mutesa II, who ruled the powerful Kingdome of Buganda in South-central Uganda.

A few years and two failed but unidentified assassination attemptslater, Obote began to question Amin’s loyalty and order his arrest while he was going to Singapore for a Commonwealth heads of Government Conference. Amin took the offensive and staged a coup on January 25, 1971 seizing control of the government.

Idi AminSince 1966, the chief of Uganda’s Army and Air force Idi Amin, ousted Milton Obote from the power and taken over the power. In February, a week after the coup, Amin declared himself as president of Uganda and also announced himself as commander in chief of the armed forces, Army chief of staff and chief of Air force. Not only has that, the dictator and Extreme Nationalist began the program of genocide to stamp the tribal of Lango and Acholi from Uganda. The Motive was clear, to eliminate the supporters of the Obat.

Idi AminAmin ordered in 1972, the Asians who are not citizens of the Uganda, they leave the country. Then about 60 thousand Indians and Pakistanis were forced to leave the country. Asian people were a big part of the Country’s workforce. The country’s economy has collapsed after leaving these peoples from Uganda.

Idi AminIn 1979, the Tanzanian and Ugandan anti Amin troops stormed, then after Amin’s eight years dictatorship came to end. However, in October 1978, Amin had tried unsuccessfully attack to Tanzania.


Idi AminUganda’s Former dictator Idi Amin ruled for eight years as president and atrocities epidemic fiercely on the people. There is saying that one day the evil ends. Similarly, about 35 years ago on April 11, Idi Amin had to bow. More than 5 million peoples convicted of murder by Idi Amin and same day he needed to run away from Idi Aminthe Uganda. Two days after the coalition government came to power. After leaving the country Amin took refuge in Libya for some time. Then after he settled in Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003.