5 Fruits that keep you cool in this hot summer

With the high mercury levels, we are all looking for innovative ideas to keep ourselves cool this summer. Some fruits which are extremely helpful in summar. Following are some list of some hydrating fruits you can incorporate in our diet.

  • Watermelon
  • Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Palm


Recommended during the year, nothing beat glass of juice or just portion of this wonder fruit in replenishing that water level of your body. They also have lycopene that save from harm the skin from possible sun damage and helps keep the body hydrated.


Juicy fruits are a blessing during summer as they keep the body hydrated. Peaches come with a strong of Vitamin A and C and are good source of antioxidants and fibre, which progress absorption.


Nothing can be good thirst quencher than a juicy orange. Rich in Vitamin C, and filled with potassium, oranges contain nutrients that can help cure muscle pains and cramps that occur due to heavy workouts throughout summer. In fact, oranges work wonders on skin too specially keeping it clean and oil free.

images (1)Kiwi:

With an equal amount of vitamin C as compared to oranges as kiwis come in the category of unusual fruits, they are delight to the taste bud. They are one of the very helpful fruits for summer as they have a unique cooling effect on the body and are packed with Vitamin E, potassium and fiber as well.


This is one fruit that has maximum water content. Although not expansively available in Mumbai. Palms are the most energizing fruits for summer. They are also used to make coolers for summer. They are soft, fleshy and contain a lot of water which help you keep it cool this season.

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