Jose Mujica -Careinfo.inUruguay’s people had given farewell to the world’s most simple, Poor and simple nature President Jose Mujica and welcomed the new President Tbare Wajkvej on Sunday. On this occasion Brazilian President Dilma Rosef, Cuban president Raul Castro and many other leaders were present.

Uruguay President - careinfo.inIn his five years term, Mujica made the country rich b    ut him he stayed poor, and after resignation he said, “Now he can spent time with his three legs friend Manual and four legs beetle. Manual is his pat dog and Beetles is his car. On Sunday Wajkvej (75), he sworn as president of Uruguay in the National Assembly. His party won again for next five years.

Uruguay’s Ex- president Mujica is considered as the world’s poorest President. He lives like mystics. Jose was staying in the two room house in the President apartment and he hire only two policemen for his security. He is filling water from well and washing his own Resignation of the World’s Poorest Presidentclothes by himself same like ordinary people. Mujica is doing floriculture with his wife for some extra income. For farming himself he is driving tractor and if the tractors get breakdown so, he is repairing it by himself as mechanic. Mujica never kept servants. He urugay2 was driving his old beetle car and used to go office every day. However, when he is going to office he used to wear coat-pants, but at home in very common clothes.

uruguay2The all the facilities of a Country President was given to Mujica, but he refused. He was getting 13,300 Dollar per month as salary in which he was donating 12,000 dollars to poor and from the remaining 1,300 dollars he was giving 775 dollars to the small needy businessmen.

Jose Mujica - careinfo.inIf you think that Uruguay is a poor country and that’s why the president is also poor then it’s your delusion. In Uruguay per month per person’s monthly income is around 50,000 Rupees.