The mobile World Congress (MWC) – 2015

The mobile World Congress (MWC) was held at Barcelona from 2nd March to 5th March 2015. Many worldwide mobile companies were gathered at one place. These all companies showed their all latest gadgets like, Mobile, Tablet, Cameras and many more.  Also many companies like Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and Microsoft had launched their new products.

In this Expo many new advance technologies has been introduced in mobile, tablet, camera, gaming and wireless charging, laptop etc. while the main focus is still on Traditional handsets and lots of cool gadgets announced here aren’t phone at all. Technology is being shaped around our wrists just like smart bands, fitness trackers and smart watches.

Let’s see the some new Innovative item which shown in this Word Mobile Congress 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6

s6The most anticipated phone of the show is not an evolution of Samsung’s previous Galaxy S5. But the new design and S6 is made of aluminum instead of plastic. Its 5.1 inch display has the same 2560×1440 resolution.  A super-crispy 16 megapixel camera its completes the package.

Samsung galaxy S6 edge.

s6 edgeThis is second flagship by Samsung is like the first one in every aspect but one the screen curves around both left and right edges, adding exclusive interactions to the phone. Notification stream and people edge let you interact with apps and communicate with your friends via touch shortcuts that appear on the edges of the screen


sonyNo flagship from Sony this year. But the Xperia M4 Aqua squeezes a lot of the premium features from Sony’s top-tier Xperia line into an affordable handset. Aqua has a 64 bit octa core chipset with 2 GB of RAM and with dust and water resistant


mobile world congress - careinfo.inHTC ONE M9 is the third version of HTC premier Smartphone comes with a slightly smaller aluminum body than the previous two. With a particular two-tone flash made of gold and silver. HTC has ditched the “ultra pixel” camera on the back, picking a 20 megapixel sensor instead.


mobile world congress - careinfo.inWhatever side you see when you fish this phone from your pocket it will be the correct one. Alcatel has designed its new phone to be reversible. So its work the same even when it’s upside down. It has a symmetrical body with stereo speakers and two microphones.


mobile world congress - careinfo.inThe most unexpected announcement of the show was HTC’s virtual reality headset. Made in partnership with Valve, it will run on ValveVR. Two IR trackers and dozens of built in sensors will allow players to roam freely around a 15×15 foot room. It also pairs with wireless controller for interacting with virtual objects.


mobile world congress - careinfo.inThis fitness tracking wearable by the Chinese mobile giant has a slim and simple touch screen. It can track movement, monitor sleep and it pairs to both IOS and Android phones



mobile world congress - careinfo.inThis is a hybrid between a Smartphone and a point and shoot camera. The 16 megapixel low light image sensor is complemented by a six-piece modular lens and an optical image stabilization system.


mobile world congress - careinfo.inJolla tablet named the best tablet of the mobile world congress 2015, the world’s first crowdscourced slate is 8.3 millimeters thick and runs jolla’s independent sailfish OS.  It comes with IPS LCD display with 330 ppi and 5megapixel camera, Intel quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM.


mobile world congress - careinfo.inThis neat fuel-cell charger gives you power in any off the grid situation. Inside every card is a salt and water power cell. Electricity is instantly generated as soon as a cartridge is inserted into the rubberish charger sleeve. Each charger provides 2400mAh.

LG Watch Urbane

mobile world congress - careinfo.inThe fourth Smart watch made by LG isn’t an Android wear device, but runs WebOS instead. It is cellular-connected and comes with built in microphone and speaker to make phone calls without needing a tethered phone.

Nokia N1

mobile world congress - careinfo.inNokia N1 looks just like an ipad mini, doesn’t it? It is nokia latest tablet with 7.9 inch android device with aluminum back and a 2048×1536 display. The N1 runs Lollipop augmented with Nokia Z launcher software that helps organize apps and information on your home screen.


mobile world congress - careinfo.inThis portable project has 16GB of internal memory, so you don’t have a plug in your Smartphone to play your media. It also has three hours of battery life. You will likely be able to watch a whole movie with it.

Saygus V2

mobile world congress - careinfo.inThis Utah-based company has packed more crazy specs into a single Smartphone than any other device.. It has a 3100mAh battery, Kevlar case edges, and its rated ipx7 waterproof.