solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inSome facts about the Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft

Without fuel and flying with only solar energy Solar Impulse-2 plane arrived at S.V.Patel International Airport in Ahmadabad on last Tuesday. Air port authority had put special arrangements for this aircraft and also keeping special security. In addition the local citizens and students can see this plane they had made some special arrangement for that.

This fuel free aircraft was flown from Abu Dhabi to Ahmadabad. The first phase of inspection for world first Solar air plane flight was completed. The plane will go to other seven places and then again Abu Dhabi.

Let’s see some fact about this Solar Plane.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inPilot can push back his chair and can get relax that time this solar plane will be in co-pilot mode. Total 24 hour period, pilot can get rest for maximum 6 hours.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inThe first Flight flew from Abu Dhabi’s Al-Batina Airport with two pilot and this two pilot will be simultaneously flew this plane for five month and they will flew via three regions and two oceans.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inSolar Impulse 2 Aircraft, which took 13 years for designing and testing. In first phase it was flew till Oman without standing anywhere. Now from India this Solar Impulse – 2 Aircraft will get to China and after that by continuously flying this plane will reached to America via Pacific Ocean. This plane has only Solar Energy no other alternative energy sources.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inSolar Impulse  2 Aircraft will not fall down due to weight and less consumption of solar energy only one pilot can sit and flew the plane at a time.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inSolar Impulse 2 aircraft, two new innovative technologies has been used, in which Ultra-high capacity batteries and special solar cells that can absorb maximum solar power for used.

This plane can fly with the speed of 48 to 96 Kilometres per hour.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inSolar Impulse 2 Aircraft’s wings are longer then the Boeing 747-81 because total 17000 solar cells installed on it. Also 17.5 CV’s four Electric motor installed which can generate the energy.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inThis solar impulse 2  Aircraft weight is very less because of the used low weight fiber for construction of the plane.


solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inThis Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft sponsored by Google, Omega, Solvay, Schindler and ABB.

solar impulse 2 aircraft -careinfo.inThis Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft will be a big invention for the solar Energy and it can encourage to use the maximum Solar Energy.