swine flu - careinfo.inSwine flu (H1N1) Disease is spreading so fast. Swine flu virus is very contagious. It spreads very rapidly from human to human.

In swine flu fever over 100 degree is common. Also the breathing problems, Vomiting, Diarhea, headaches and throat pain can be occurring.

Please see some home remedies to prevent the swine flu. These all the remedies are easily available near to us and it can save us from the swine flu.

Basil (Tulsi)

basilBasil is easily available in Indian homes. Basil is having both Anti-virus and Anti Bacterial factors, because of that only Basil (Tulsi) is considered as the most beneficial herb. It can increase resistance to disease. Therefore it can’t be said that it can perfectly fine the swine flu, but it can certainly be helpful to prevent from “H1N1” virus. The easiest way to profit from basil, use the five well washed leaves every day.

Camphor (Kapur)

camphorCamphor can also be used to prevent the Swine Flu. Adult can use camphor tablet with water, for the children powder of the camphor can be used and can be given to them with potatoes or bananas. But also keep in minds that don’t take camphor every day. Use it in once or twice in month.

Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy)

Tinospora CordifoliaTinospora Cordifolia(Giloy) found in abundance throughout the country. To make the decoction of the Tinospora Cordifolia, use five to six feet Long Branch of Tinospora Cordifolia, five leaves of basil and boiled it for 10 to 15 minutes. After cooling add a little black powder, Rock salt or black salt. This medicine can increase your immune power miraculously. Tinospora Cordifolia is effective in every way with the fever. You can find this on any Ayurveda medical store.


GarlicGarlic also contains Anti-viral properties that help to increase the immunity power. Every morning two buds of garlic you should take with warm water on an empty stomach. This can increase strength to defense.

Aloe Vera

swine flu - careinfo.inAloe Vera is a popular herb that enhances our ability to fight the flu. It is used in medicines and cosmetics. Also Aloe vera helps to increase a immunity power. A teaspoon of aloe Vera gel with water not only can give beautiful skin but also can helps to orevent the swine flu.

Vitamin C

Vitamin CGenerally it is believed that vitamin C is the best way to avoid a cold, which has proven effective for the swine flu. Therefore include Vitamin C in your Diet. Vitamin C found in plenty fruits like Berry, Grape, Orange and lemon.

Turmeric Powder

swine flu - careinfo.inSince many years Turmeric powder is used to increase the beauty and also used as cough reliever. Turmeric is containing curcumin substances and curcumin is having many medicinal properties. According to the experts it’s good to drink turmeric mixed lukewarm milk which can increase the immunity power also if your drink it every day than it can also reduce the affect of the swine flu.

This is just for your information. Also visit and consult with the doctor if you get  (H1N1)