Easy Steps to activate voice calling on WhatsApp in your android mobile

Easy Steps to activate voice calling on WhatsApp in your android mobile

whatsapp - careinfo.inThe testing was going on since long time on the voice calling feature of WhatsApp Application, but now it is available. This feature is available on the latest version of the what’s App. This is available for android devices on Google Play for downloading.

whatsapp - careinfo.inHowever, users can not access this feature directly. If any user wants to try this feature so, they need invitation. The user who is already having this feature activated so; they can invite any other what’s app users.

For this follow some steps.

  1. Go to Google Play and freely upload/ Download WhatsApp messenger.
  2. If any other WhatsApp user who is having this feature activated in his mobile asks them to call on your whatsApp messenger.
  3. After the call user will get whatsApp calling feature on their mobile and they can see this feature on what’s App home screen near to Chat or Contacts.
  4. For the latest version of WhatsApp many websites are available, but it is better if user can get this from Google Play. For this user should need be patience for it, because some time it will take time for update.
  5. Users also should be a little cautious, because for this new feature to take advantages from the users many fake whatsApp calling application are available.

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