BiVACOR Bionic Artificial Heart: New hope for human

bionic artificial heart - careinfo.inBiVACOR Bionic Artificial Heart: New hope for human:

Australian scientists have discovered heart which is not pumping but can do all work. It can provide blood bionic artificial heart - careinfo.incirculation in the body without stopping. This is the first bionic heart without heart beats. The tests performed on humans takes three to five years after that it will be ready for the heart Transplantation.

This heart prepared by a Australian Scientists. Currently this artificial heart was transplanted in to Sheep. Brisbane’s Engineer Dr. Daniel Timbionic artificial heart - has begun to work on this heart since 2011. Dr. Tim said, for this transplantation, the sheep have been selected whose chest will be same like one woman or a child. This transplantation was done in January and still lamb’s health is good.

bionic artificial heart - careinfo.inThis artificial heart can work up to 10 years. It does not pumping. So far this artificial heart is not having bags of balloons same like other artificial hearts. That’s why there is not chance to blow up. There is one disc fixed in to the heart which can take 2000 Rounds per minute. For that this heart can work. Its name kept “BiVACOR.” With this heart, the cost of the Heart Transplantation can be reducing fifty percentages.

BiVACOR heart’s Feature:

– Since 2001 research was started, took 14 years for getting ready

– It can be useful for above 50 years people

– Shape is very small which can be placed in the body of the children

– After the transplantation athletic can do the Exercise.

– Currently artificial heart is not in use. Only Pacemaker, Loop or Valve can placed, which is relatively have low success rate.

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