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Jesus May Have A Brother named Jemes says Biblical Scholar behalf of 2000 year old bone box

A Biblical Scholar has recently claimed the 2000 years old bone box found in November 2002 with Aramaic Inscription confirms that Jesus did have a brother James.

As par The Aramaic inscription read: “James, brother of Jesus & son of Joseph” apparently backing up Biblical reference to James.

Since then, interpretations of what the term “brother” may mean are debated by experts, with some arguing that James Jesus Did Have A Brother Jemeswould only have been a cousin.

But speaking to CNN, Professor Witherington of the Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky said in an interview that the reading must be taken literally. He said that New Testament says nothing regarding Mary being a perpetual virgin, it mentioned she virginally planned Jesus, and it actually implies that she went on to have more children and sisters, he more added.

While scholars might debate simply how literally to read the word ‘brother’, it is known that James was a very important figure within the early Christian movement as he’s directly referenced within the Bible.

Paul, Jesus Did Have A Brother JemesCAREINFO.INthe apostle attributable with spreading the word of Christianity in its early years, wrote in his letter to the Galatians:  “Then after 3 years I did go up to Jerusalem to go to Cephas and stayed with him fifteen days, but I did not see any other apostle except James the Lord’s brother”

The object found in 2002, known as the – James Ossuary, was exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum in 2003. Jesus did have a brother james

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