world cupCricket World Cup 2015 has been started from 14th February 2015. This world Cup Tournament will be held up the 29th March 2015. All the teams already played their warm up matches and ready for the World Cup Tournament. ICC has been decided to make this world cup better and bigger than the last world cup. In this 2015 cricket world cup we are going to see some new things which we have never seen before in the cricket history.

In the 2011 Cricket world cup overall run rate was 4.95. This time run rate will rise on the Australia and New Zealand’s ground pitches behind these main reasons are the T20 matches. Since 2014, the record of fastest century has gone down twice. New Zealand’s Cory Anderson broke the record in January 2014, and then in January 2015, South Africa’s AB de Villiers scored a century in 31 balls to take on the new record.

No Super over in the Knock out Round

Super over will be not used In the Knockout round for tie matches. If the Quarter Final or Semi Final Matches will be tied than the team who is having more points in the Group matches will be announced as winner and Winner team will enter in to the Final but supper over option will be used in the final match.

ICC has also changed Fielding and power play for the Cricket World Cup 2015.

This time only Two Power Play will used in this 2015 Cricket World Cup. First Power Play will be from 1 to 10 over and second power play will be taken before 40th over of the match. Second Power play will be taken by the Bating Team. During the Power Play 3 Players will be Outside the 30 yard Circle.

Winning Prize Amount Increased up to 20%.

International cricket Council (ICC) has increase the World Prize approximately 20%. Total 10 million Dollar winning Prize will be given in this 2015 Cricket World Cup total winning prizes. Without losing a single match in the tournament if the team is winning the World Cup so, that team will get the prize of $ 4, 020,000 and if that team will lose one match so, they will get the prize of $ 3,975,000.

The Use of Hot spot and the real time snickometer:

During 2015 Cricket World Cup ICC has taken the decision to use Hot Spot and real Time Snickometer technology under the Decision Review System (DRS). This both the Technique had been applied in 2011 cricket world cup but it was not used. This Technique can be helpful for LBW Decision by field umpire.

Two New Balls in the Match

Now compulsory two new balls will be used for each innings. During the 2011 Cricket World cup were given two balls in match in which first ball were used till the 34th over and after that new ball was given to play.

The part Time Bowler Role will be Reduce.

During the 2011 Cricket World Cup Yuvraj Sinh was played the main role in the Indian team to winning the World Cup. Yuvi had been resistant the opposing team by his batting and Part time spin bowling, but this time we can’t expect that. Because of the two new balls in the innings it will get more chances for the fast bowler and also changes in the fielding will not allow captain to use part time bowler.

During the Bowling Captain will be Helpless.

Difficulty will be increase for the bowler because of the new balls in starting the both innings. To avoid the high score target captain has to use professional bowlers to bowl 50 over. Because of the new balls batsman can get chance to score more runs so, captain have to use main 5 professional bowler.

Fear from the ICC Rules

World Cup has been started and ICC has made the rules more strong. The Dangerous Spinners from the Suneil Narayna to Said Ajmal ICC had put the ban on them but after the investigation ICC has given the permission to few players. But in this world cup all the spin a bowler are scared because of this and if in this world cup ICC found any Spin Bowler action is wrong so, they can put life time ban on those bowler.

New Generation, New Excitement

This World Cup will be totally new. Sachin Tendulkar, Jack Kalis, Virendra Sahewag, Ricky Ponting and many senior players had resigned and their places has been taken by new players like Virat kohli, Suresh Raina, stevan smith, Glenn Maxwell. After the Retirement of the Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar the countdown had been started for the other senior player. New Zeeland and Australia’s Fast Pitches on the ground we can see the New Generation with new Excitement. In this 2015 Cricket World Cup we will see the new class of batting and new attitude of the new generation cricket players.