The swine flu is illswine fluness that is treated in the last several years across the India. Most of the people don’t know, what is swine flu for,what is the Symptoms of the Swine Flu and how it can spread? This is a kind of deadly virus, which has gradually spreading throughout the world.

swine Flu2This is a type of infectious disease. The Enphluenjha is caused by a virus. This type of virus is usually found in pigs, so this is called swine flu. Today we offer you all the information related to swine flu and measures to protect and surviving from this. If you want to save yourself and your home ill try this remedy mentioned here.

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H1N1 is a virus disease which is caused by the people. In fact, the symptoms of the virus were found in the USA in April 2009. Other cities such as Mexico and Canada were also numerous people were affected due to this virus. This is a infectious virus, which spreading quickly person to person.

At the end of March 2009 and early April Enphluenjha swine flu (H1N1) has entered into the southern California and St. Antonio (Texas). The person has become a victim of the virus it’s very difficult to know at the initial stages. The virus taking his mark to people aged over 65, children under five years of age, pregnant women. The common symptom of this virus is fever but as long as the fever stays in to body then be careful and consult with the Doctor.

H1N1 a deadly virus, which many country and abroad people do not know about it. Infected patient by this virus is usually gets fever, cough, throat, body aches, and heavy headaches. Because of H1N1 virus some people can get vomiting and even pneumonia.

If you found the following symptoms in children understand that they are suffering through swine flu.

– Making rapid breathing or trouble breathing

– Frequent vomiting

– Being able to walk, did not react to the action

– Confusion and frequent crying

– Suffer from fever and cold

– Do not drink enough fluids

Signs of swine flu symptoms in the elder peoples

– Breathing trouble

– Pressure in the abdomen and chest pain complaints

– Frequent vomiting

– Sudden dizziness

H1N1 (swine) flu virus is mainly found in the seasonal flu virus. We know that seasonal flu cough fever is transmitted by a person to another person. Sometimes if you touch Mouth, nose or other organs of the infected person’s so, you can also get infected by this.

How to avoid the Swine flu?

 Here are some precautionary steps given by the Indian Medical Association, The patients who suffer from this disease have must follow.

– Whenever you are coughing or sneezing must cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper. After that throw it in the latter.

– After cold and coughing do not forget to washed your with warm water and soap. Hand Cleaner with alcohol will be more advantageous.

– If possible, avoid touching to your eyes, nose and mouth because virus can spread easily this way.

Stay away from the Fever infected people.

– If you are sick, stay home and avoid going out, Office and do not attend school at all because it can spread to other peoples by you.

What is the difference between common cold, cough & flu?

 Aside from the common cold, cough, fever, flu, hand, legs and hips pain, headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms appear together in a higher position.

How to know the difference?

 Keeping in mind the normal flu symptoms, swine flu is not possible to know the distance. But coming into contact with someone who has swine flu, then doubts will increase.

How is swine flu spreading?

 – By the coughing or sneezing of infected person.

– By touching those things which infected person has touched.

How to protect?

 – Whenever possible, wash the hands with soap only.

– If you do not have soap to wash hands then with alcohol-based cleaner.

– Infected person or a person, whom it is suspected swine flu, keeps the distance from it to be at least six feet.

– If you have symptoms of swine flu then stay always at home.

– If you required coming in contact with the infected person please use face mask.

– If the mother is infected by this virus please don’t give milk to baby by breastfeeding.

– If you are coughing and sneezing, always use a tissue paper and throw it dustbin immediately.

– Do not visit crowded place.

– Drink more water as much you can drink.

There is medicine for this.

Yes. The name of the medication is Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate) and if it is started within 48 hours may prove helpful.