swineSwine Flu H1N1 Virus in last several days showing cruelty. After all the precautions also many patients are coming out and many patients have been killed. Experts are saying that behind this virus mutation is responsible. Therefore the course duration also has   changed from six to eight times more than since last five years.

According to experts, the swine flu virus itself has changed so much in the traditional signs of the disease in patients that are seen much later. According to medical science in three years by the virus itself several times the capacity is increased. That is why patients who have been exposed to the virus before it is twice the pace attack. Unless patients are recognized this virus effect till that he will come in critical condition, Now Patient’s is being given 75 mg Temiflu dose every day morning and evening.

What are the symptoms of the infection?
– Fever
– Cough
– Sore throat
– Nose or running nose
– Aches
– Headaches
– To shiver
– Fatigue
– Vomiting

Detection difficult, not easy to treat

swine3Three years ago from the symptoms swine flu was identified, but now this virus is changing in every season. Before the drugs were given only one week, there are now two and half months drugs are being given. In Swine flu virus mutation’s is growing up. Doctors are saying that the symptoms are not clear as same like before.

The risk can also be understood as that just five years ago, just seven or eight days Temiflu drug dose was given, the course has been extended to two and a half months Duration increased from six to eight times stronger than the virus has been.

Swine flu spreads like viral

 This virus is spreading like viral in cold weather. Even for Common cold also people are going to hospital for swine flu check up. This has increased the number of patients. That’s why always keep separately the swine flu positive patients.

How swine flu spreads (H 1 N 1)?

 swine2It is transmitted from one man to another man. When The H1N1 virus infected person sneezing or coughing so, this virus is coming to the air. That’s why the other person can easily come in contact with this virus.

Different teams must check

The Swine Flu Alerts, The patients who complaining about the common cold being asked to hospitalized for treatment. To investigate suspected cases the teams is made up in the Medical colleges. H1N1 positive patients being treated in isolated ward. Patients living at home are being kept in isolation.

How to treat swine flu?

imagesThis is an anti-viral drug. If you get sick, antiviral drugs, you will be given, so you get better soon. If the drug is given within 2 days of illness, so you can recover early from the flu.


 – Wash hands frequently

– During Sneezing or coughing cover your nose with the tissue paper and throw the paper in the dustbin.

– Every time after sneezing or coughing wash your hands with hand wash or soap and cleansers that contain alcohol.

– Don’t touch your hand repeatedly on your Eyes, Nose or Mouth.

– Those who have cough, stay away from them.

– If someone having cold, cough then they should have to take leave from school, collage or office so, any other cannot infected and immediately go to nearest hospital for treatment.

– Do not Stress

– Drink plenty of water

– Eat the Nutrition food

– Get enough sleep

– Be physically active

– Don’t split in Public Place