SRK Kept Quiet on AIB Roast controversy

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan is not frenzy over AIB Roast dispute and don’t want to speak anything about it, because he believe that Humour is a difficult art in which people give different opinion.

The Celebrity stars like Karan Johar, Ranveer Sing and Arjun Kapoor are there in the AIB Roast when we asked him about it so, he said they believed in humour while entertaining people and also too serious with their words.


SRK Kept Quiet on AIB Roast controversy

Shahrukh Said in an Interview, “I am a person who has always been convinced of humour. If years later, my humour will be not over completely, but then also it will be sure get reduce. I have learned to control it, because if it took the form if humour there will be a fine line. The responses will be always sharp, either you will laugh or hate it”.

He said, “If you become a popular actor then people hear you. So, you need to look at it and I’m just talking about myself. There are many issues and question will be raised so, I cannot take side of anyone.

SRK Kept Quiet on AIB Roast controversy

At the beginning of this month, few group protested against the Language used and jokes on the AIB Roast after that they needed to remove the online video from the YouTube. Shahrukh Khan said people are always free to choose.

He also Said, “The freedom of Expression is always there and you have to choose. I have always said that if I don’t like anything then I will never watch that. No one can force you to watch it, but if you watch and you don’t like it so, let it go. I have seen too many movies, but I didn’t like that so, I can’t blame to those people who made those movies.

He said, “This is the beauty of today’s media that you have right to choose. What to watch and what not that is in your hand. But I would day that I am aware of that fact that I need to control myself. But what others do and how they do on this I can’t give any statement because I am not qualified for that.