Orange –

Think of Nagpur in Maharashtra and oranges immediately come to mind. But even though it is one of the largest orange growing regions of the country, Nagpur is also known for its colorful Dusshera celebration as well its large tract of greenery all around. The city is culturally alive, and regularly base hosting tribal dances and folk art programmers and handicrafts exhibitions.

Balaji Mandir
Balaji Mandir –
dragon temple
Dragon Temple –

There are lots of places of interest in the city, including some outstanding temples. Balaji Mandir, one of the most popular ones, perched on a picturesque location in Seminary Hills, Offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Hedgewar Smriti Temple, built in the memory of Dr. K B Hedgevar, one of the noted personalities of Nagpur, is a fine example of architectural skilld. Dragon Palace temple, is situated in the Kamptee locality, and is famous Buddhist temple known for its splendid architecture and pictorial scenic enclosure. There is also the Sri Poddareshwar Ram Temple which exhibits intricate designs themed around Rama, Sita and Laxman from the Epic Ramayana, all carved out of standstone and marble.

Pench National Park –

Nagpur serves as a good base for venturing out to the far eastern corner of Maharashtra and is also a convenient stop for tiger lover before venturing out to Pench national Park and Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The latter, located 150 Km south of Nagpur is arguably the most exciting and best protected tiger reserve, with its record of the maximum tiger sightings in Maharashtra. The area is untouched by any kind of tourism or development and offers a guaranteed privacy, as well as lovely walks and climbing trails around the lodge.
Ramtek –

For pilgrims there is Ramtek, Located about 40 km northeast of Nagpur. It is believed that Rama spent some time here during his exile with Sita and Laxman. As result, it is marked by a cluster of temples about 600 years old, sitting atop the Hill of Rama. These temples are easily accessible and one can return to the town via 700 steps at the back of the complex. On the way, you’ll pass through the delightful Ambala Tank, lined with small shrines.

Sevagram –

Another Interesting town you can make time for a Sevagram, which is three houre by road from Nagpur. It served as a base for Mahatma Gandhi initially during the freedom movement. Check out the Ashram, built on the 40 hectares of farmland. The huts where Gandhi lived and worked are still retained.  Just three kilometres from Sevagram, Brhamavidya Mandir Ashram is located at Paunar village; Founded by Vinoba Bhave, the ashram is run entirely by women.