The high-profile match between India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup 2015 will be on Sunday, February 15. Elite cricketers and cricket fans around the world have the look up on this match. According to ICC because of the match all cricket lovers are passionate.  An estimated 1.3 billion people around the world are going watch this match. On this occasion we would like to memorize you some aggressive moments on the ground between these two teams.

Pakistan could not win a single match against India in any world cup.

There are five cricket matches played in the World Cup between India and Pakistan and India has won all the Cricket matches. Figures are in favor of India. Pakistan will try to break the record this time defeating.

These are the famous Incident during the Cricket Matches.

The most famous incident between India and Pakistan players were Javed Miadad – Kiran and Aamir Sohail – Venkatesh Prasad.

In the 90’s Indian team left the fear of controversy and if the Pakistan is against India, then the whole Indian team psychology getting change. During the 1992 cricket world cup one interesting incident happened. During the India-Pakistan match javed Miadad was on the crease and Indian Wicketkeeper Kiran more was trying Kiran Moreto disturbed Javed Miadad. Kiran More was always trying for tremendous Appeal to make javed miadad nervous. For this javed Miadad had given warning to Kiran More but kiran more was kept doing the same. Then after Javed Miadad had started to tease Kiran more by doing jump like frog. Whole world had seen Javed Miadad’s behavior on screen but the main thing was Pakistan lost this match.

prasad1996 Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan in Bangalore incident between Venkatesh Prasad and Aamir Sohail. Pakistan had a strong grip on the match when Aamir Sohail hit the boundary on Prasad Bowling. After that Sohail walk towards the Prasad and showed him the boundaries by indicating his bat. It Mean that the next ball will be sent out to the boundary.prasad1

Venkatesh Prasad was eager to take revenge and he took Amir Sohail’s wicket on the next ball. After getting Amir Sohail’s wicket Prasad was pointing him the Dressing Room.  The whole stadium was celebrating vibrantly at that time.

Not only World Cup but in another tournament also India-Pakistan players are brawling. Pakistani cricketers did not left Sachin Tendulkar also. On November 15, 2007 at Gwalior ODI against India Shoaib Akhtar was dicker with Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar answered his own way to Shoiab Akhtar.

gambhirKanpur ODI match between Gautam Ghambhir and Afridi had dicker. It was when Ghambhir was moving to take a run and Afridi came on the way to Ghambhir and both had bumps.After finishing off a run Ghambhir went to Afridi and he advised him to stay on the side. The issue between the two became fierce. The umpire came between them and soothed them.

During the Asia Cup in 2010 there was an altercation between Gautam Gambhir and Kamran Akmal. It was gone rampant that so, Standing on the other end skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni had to be an intermediary between them. There was a dispute between Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan Singh in the same match.