healthOften working on the computer for long time your eyes would feel Fatigue and heaviness. For long working hours on the computer if eyes are not taken proper care then it can effect to eyes. In addition other many types of eyes diseases can be happened. But if you follow few tips then the negative result can be avoided.

health1Tip No. 1: Do not see the computer continuously    

If you look continuously at your office or home computer screen for long time then from today on wards try to change your habits. If you see the screen continuously then you can complain about the Dryness in the eyes. To avoid this, you should blink your eyes every after few minutes.

Tip No. 2: Turn on the alarm function

images (3)While working lives we often do not remember that we had to take a break after a certain interval. Your eyes will get so tired. To avoid this you can fix the alarm in your mobile for every twenty minutes. So, because of this alarm you can take 20 seconds break after every twenty minutes and you can see the other things at 20 meters distance. Also at your office or in home you can see other things which will be kept around you at some distance, by doing this you can reduce some stress on your eyes.

Tip No. 3: Keep in mind the resolution of fonts

images (4)While working on the computer, some documents and high-resolution fonts can be quite small so, this kind of Fonts and resolution settings that can seriously injure your eyes. So you keep your computer monitor’s color settings to default font size should be used as medium.

Tip No. 4: Keep some natural Light in the Room.

Nowadays from corporate Offices to small companies offices are keeping their offices bright by using artificial lights. But it is very dangerous for workers. So, try the natural light can come from windows in to office or room. Although it seen that the professional productivity growing in the natural light.

Tip No. 5: Keep the screen clean and maintain proper distance

health3If you are working on a CRT screen monitor then you should have to use Anti Glare Screen guard on your monitor. But if you are using LCD screen then you can clean this screen by Tissue paper pr paperhealth6. Also keep the made 20 degree angle between your eyes and the computer screen. Indeed when you work on computer your computer screen should be in front of your eyes.