Fifty shades of gray film is Based on bestselling novel of E.L.JAMES’S name same name, this is an American erotic drama film is directed by Sam Taylor Johnson with a screenplay by Kelly Marcel.

The film stars Dakota Johnson who played a role as Ana Steele an undergraduate college attendant and Jamie Dornan as Christian grey a young business magnate,

On 11th February 2015 the film premiered was held in 65th Berlin
international film festival and film was officially release on 13th February 2015 one day ago before valentine day by universal picture

Film got mixed reviews  from critics side but suddenly film get box office success  after public reviews, the film was maFifty-Shades-of-Greyde  on 40 Million USD budget  nearby and  continue  earnings  270 Million USD world wild,  Fifty shades of gray film getting very good response and  prove himself  2015 maiden blockbuster  and sequel also planned for 2016 release.

Fifty shades of gray  film story about   Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson)  is an under graduate college student  shares room with her friend  Kate( Eloise Mumford )  near Seattle, Ana Steele is assigned to interview to a young corporate magnet  Christian Grey ( Jamie Dornan ) at his company for the college  news paper article  near Seattle, at the time of interview Christian  grey show an interest on her , Ana Steele is working as a part time hardware store in town, Ana  and christen  was met there  accidentally  and in between them small talk was happen and in that  christen was agreed to take part in photo shoot  for  Ana’s news paper interview which she had just completed,

the photo shoot latter  take place and he continues  his interest in Ana and invite her for a coffee , after meeting they both, Christian is sufficiently impressed by Ana .that he arrange to  have 1st edition of Thomas Hardy novels sent to her home become christen knows that very well for her  previous  talk she is interested in literature , on same day Ana is going to town for drinking with her friends, she dunked too much and spontaneously call Christian , christen knows she was drunk so he went personally  that place where Ana was drinking with her friend , after that both leaf the ba_Kate_Muir_50_shade_853777ar, next day morning  Ana  end up passing out at Christian’s apartment not having any intimate relation with him

After awkward start Ana and Christian both are dating, thereafter and christen ask to Ana sign non disclosure agreement about their relation during dating, Christian express an interest in exploring a subculture relationship with Ana involving abnormal bondage. Ana appears to agree though Ana admits to be sexually naïve and that Ana is still sexually unenlightened and uninitiated. They both soon engage in a sexual relationship along with some of the sexual experimentation which Christian had earlier indicated he wanted with Ana

After few days, Christian begins to shower Ana with unexpectedgifts and favors. He continues to express an interest in further sexual experimentation to which she initially consents and participates in willingly. Whenever Christian continues to wish to keep Ana at a distance emotionally, that is upsetting to Ana. Then she asks Christian to show her what he really wants. They have an consequent sexual encounter where Christian shows an excessive desire to use his own variety of rough sex. She senses this as disturbing and not within the bounds of her more romantic expectations of Christian. Ana becomes resolved the he is wrong for her and that she believes that he’s experimentation borders on being deviant and excessive. At Ana insistence, the two part company in the hallway outside his apartment making full eye contact as Ana depaFifty_Shades_of_Grey_40313rts alone in the elevator as end of the film

Fifty Shades of Grey movie is the fastest selling R-rated title in the site’s 15-year of Hollywood history, movie also had the biggest first week of ticket sales on Fandango for a non-sequel film.