nairWell known Indian Scientist and Indian Research Organisation (ISRO) chief G. Madhavan Nair Said That in Veda some slokas is referring the presence of water on the moon and astronomer Aryabhatta used to know the gravitational force than the Isaac Newton.

71 years old Nair rewarded with the Padma Vibhushan said, Indian Vedas and ancient manuscripts the metallurgical, Algebra, Astronomy, Mathematics, Architecture and information about astrology and the information was from that time when the western country were not aware from it.

newtonSpeaking at one International conference held for the Vedas, Nair said the information in the Vedas is in “Brief Appearance” which had been difficult to accept them in Modern science.

Nair Said, “Vedas few slokas that says the water present on the moon, but no one rely on it.  We found it by our Chandrayaan mission and we are the first countries who find out it.” He said we can’t understand the whole Sanskrit language which is written in Vedas because it is chaste Sanskrit.

He also said.” For Chandrayaan, the equation of Aryabhatta was used. Even the knowledge of gravitational forces, Newton found it in 1500 years later then the knowledge existing in our Vedas.” Also he said,” the geometry was used to make calculations for building cities during the Harappan civilisation and Pythagorean theory also existed since the Vedic Period.”

We are really proud of the Aryabhatta and Bhaskara who have done extensive work on planetary work and exploration of outer planets. It was one of the demanding fields.

In ISRO he was the Chairman of ISRO from 2003 to 2009 and had made important contribution to the development of multi-stage satellite launch vehicles, when the comments came by Nair in the backdrop of many political leaders talking about ancient Indian scriptures having scientific information including on plastic surgery as well as aero-dynamics.