England v New Zealand - 2015 ICC Cricket World CupCricket World Cup Group a Match New Zealand Fast Bowler Tim Sauthee bowled historic Bowling against England and shattered their innings. Against    from England only Joe Root staid on creased and played other then all England Players got out and on 123 runs in 33.2 over. Root had scored 46 runs in 70 Balls.

Tim Sauthee was bowled historic bowling in the Cricket World cup. Sauthee took 7 wickets for 33 runs in nine over. With these 7 wickets in the world cup by giving his best performance he equalled the records of most wickets in one innings. The best Performance in the world cup was Glenn Mcgrath who took 7 wickets for 15 runs in seven over against Namibia.

Even though the record is registered in the name of Glenn Mcgrath but Tim Sauthee took seven wickets against England and also made many records. In world Cup from New Zealand this was the best Figure. Sauthee is the first bowler from New Zealand who took seven wickets in the one day match. Earlier, former fast bowler Shane Bond was having the record. In 2003 world cup Bond took 6 wickets for 23 runs. Also Sauthee broke his own record of five wickets for 33 runs in World Cup.

In the World Cup this is the third Best Bowling Figure. In 2003 world cup Australian bowler Glenn Mcgrath took 7 wickets for 15 runs in seven over, second also from Australian bowler Andy Bichel took 7 wickets for 20 runs in 10 over.

England won the toss and selected to bat first but Tim Sauthee made bad start for England and he bowled Ian Bell (8 Runs) as first wicket. England did not yet recover from the shock and he took second wicket of Moeen Ali (20 Runs). At the other end Joe Root was holding the wickets but other end players were throwing their wickets one by one.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????England reach to score 57 and Gary Balance (10 Runs) gave catch to Williamson on the Trent bolt’s bowling. Joe Root and Eon Morgan have to handle the situation and to take control on the Innings but Morgan (17 Runs) gave his wicket in Daniel Vettori’s bowling.

Again Sauthee proved Fatal and he Bowled James and took third wicket. Jose Butler made three runs and got out in Sauthee’s ball.  After a Few balls he bowled chris woakes as fifth wicket of the innings. Not so on Sauthee stopped, he took Stuart Broad (4 runs) wicket by catch on the midd of player Vettori and at the end he took Stevan Finch as his seven wickets in the Innings.