AboutDrCharlesRDrewBlood Donation is the biggest donation in the human lives. Donated Blood will be stored in the blood bank and then after it will give to those peoples who need blood. Blood is organic chemistry and to save blood for long time a special kind  of system is required. For blood storage efficient method was searched by American scientist Charles Richard Drew. His invention was used during the Second World War to supply blood for injured solders.

Charles Richard Drew was born in 3rd June 1904 at America’s Washington city. His family was middle class family, his father Richard was a carpenter and Mother Nora Richard Drew was graduated from the miner school so, she never worked as teacher in high School. After completing his school education in Durban High School, he joined Massachusetts Amdust collage. After that in 1933 he joined in Canada’s McGill University for Degree of Master in Surgery. He was the first African American doctor who got selected as examiner in America’s Board of Surgery. During the Second World War two he was appointed to do the research on blood storage and collection. The he became the head of American Blood fit Britain project at New York. Under this Project the American blood donor’s blood were used to send to Britain for the soldiers who were fighting in World War Two. This Major task he had completed successfully.

download (1)He married in 1939 to Minnie Lenore Robbins on September 23 and they had three daughters (Bebe, Charlene, and Rhea) and a son (Charles Jr.)

For his greatest contribution in the Blood Donation and Blood Bank field he got many honors from around the world. There are many institutes and colleges established on his name in the United States. In April 5 1950 he died in a car accident.