Highest Waterfalls in the World – Best Waterfalls in the World

This is about the sight, wonder of Mother Nature and also proof of nature’s forces. We all love to see the waterfalls and enjoy our day with having full excitement there. It is gift by nature to us as a most amazing and wonderful creation. So right here we are going to provide the information about the Highest Waterfalls in the World – Best Waterfalls in the World. It can easily guide you the perfect and deep information about them waterfalls. If we see then there are many biggest, greatest, beautiful and also most amazing waterfalls are there.

Below over here we will provide you the wonderful information about the 10 Highest Waterfalls in the World – Best Waterfalls in the World.

10 Highest Waterfalls in the World

Angel Falls


This Angel Falls is well known as the waterfall of the deepest place and also locate in Venezuela. The height of this water fall is 3,212 ft (979 m) and the thrust is 2,648 ft (807 m) and also it is one of the world’s highest never-ending waterfalls. This waterfalls start from the edge of Auyantepui Mountain and also drop down in Canaima National Park located at Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State.

Tugela Falls


This waterfall is rank at the second highest waterfall in the world. With the most amazing five, free leaping drops the height of this waterfall is 3,110 ft (948 m). This Tugela Falls is locate at Dragon’s Mountains of the Royal Natal National Park; it exists at KwaZulu natal Province of South Africa. We can easily see this waterfall from the main travel road after the heavy rainfall.

Cataratas las Tres Hermanas


The Cataratas las Tres Hermanas is locate at Ayacucho in Peru. This waterfall doesn’t have exact place and also large drainage, but we can see the falls are very high. It has been figure out by Google Earth elevation the estimated height is 917 m (3000’). And this waterfall stands at the third place amongst Highest Water falls in the World.

Olo’upena Falls


Olo’upena fall is on the fourth highest water falls in the world and also it is locate in a North-eastern part of Hawaiian Island in Molokai. The height of these waterfalls is 900 m (2,953) and falls of these waterfalls is in small form. We can see it started falling from the cliff of one of the tallest in the world. It is locate in between Wailau valleys and also Pelekunu. We can see groove from the ocean or air gnaw by the waterfalls.

Catarata Yumbilla


This waterfall stands at the fifth place among highest water falls in the world, Catarata Yumbilla is locate in Peru in Amazonas Region. The volume of the waterfall is not large but it is magnificent due to the height of 2,938 ft (896 m).



Vinnufossen waterfall stands for the sixth position among the highest water falls in the world. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Europe with 2,822 ft (860 m) height. It is starting from the Sunndalsora village in the municipality of sunndal in the more OG Romsdal country of Norway. This waterfall merges with the river vinnu and flows down from Vinnufjellet Mountain and also fed from Vinnufonnaa glacier.



The height of the Balåifossen waterfall is 2,788 ft (850 m) and also this stands at the seventh position among highest water-falls in the world. Balåifossen is a second highest waterfall in Europe and also Norway due to his accordance with the world waterfall database.

Pu’uka’oku Falls


This waterfall is locate in Hawaii and also stands at eight positions among the highest waterfalls in world. It is figure out that the height of Pu’uka’oku Falls is 2,756 ft (840 m), because of this it is second highest in the United States.

James Bruce Falls


James Bruce Falls is the ninth tallest waterfall in the world and also it is the highest measure waterfall in the continent of North America. The height of this waterfall is 2,755 ft (840 m) and also it is locates at Princess Louisa Marina Provincial Park in British Colombia of Canada.

Browne Falls


This waterfall stands at the tenth position among highest waterfalls in world. Browne Falls is located at Fiordland national park in New Zealand with the height of 2,744 ft (836 m). The source of the water is called Lake Brown and also when it gets overflows go down side to the mountain face.

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