An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory – A 14-year-old Tesla is now worth more than 113-year-old Ford Motor Company

Tesla does not often let cameras into its electric car Factory in Fremont, California. It collects its high-end Model X and Model S. However, maker of the electric car recently let KPIX 5, a CBS TV affiliate in the Bay area in the large facility to check out how its Vehicles come together. So, here is An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory.

Fremont factory of Tesla is huge. It is a one mile long, 5 million square foot facility. Tesla facility is very big, in fact, that golf carts are used to get around. It’s packed with a big robot which can lift, weld and rivet the car. Inside The Tesla Factory, Tesla uses robots created through the German robotics maker Kuka. The industrial robots are able to lift more than 2,000 pounds. Tesla creates lots of it element on the site, containing its signature 17-inch dashboard screen. The development process starts with 20,000-pound rolls of aluminum which are eventually shaped into body panels for a car. Tesla vehicles are also equipped with their big battery pack. Every battery pack weighs some 1,300 pounds. Below is the An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory.

A rare look Inside electric car Factory of Tesla

Inside the Tesla factory

An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory

Elon Musk had declared the latest product line. This product line still remains a complete secrecy to us. However, we do have some deduction as we got an inside look at his factory in Fremont, California.

Smart Moves

An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory

A robot cart follows attractive strips on the floor to move this model S down the development line. Like self-charging load, electric and unload cars at every stop. In fact, make them the key to the factory’s efficiency. The Model S with its body panels attached to an aluminum and steel skeleton close to the end of its general assembly. Smart moves are also interesting An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory.

Freshly Pressed

An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory

A model S fender begins its life as an aluminum sheet cut from a 20,000-pound coil. A laser cutting robot then slices it into the desired shape before a press with 1,000 tons of force, stamps it in the 3-dimensional fender. Then it amounted to a measuring board where engineers examine it for flaws.

Running the Gauntlet

An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory

Kuka assembly robots made by German piece jointly the aluminum and also steel bones of the model S in skeletons. Or what Tesla calls “uni-bodies”. Precise and Powerful, the robot uses high definition 3 D cameras to see as they weld, rivet and drill jointly the body. As per the details, the factory staffed by some 200 robots, lots of named for X-men characters like Xavier, Storm, and Wolverine.

 Stamping Its Fleet

An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory

In this center, raw aluminum becomes hoods, fenders, panels and bumpers. In past year, they spent a reported $ 1.6 billion on factory growth for the development of the model 3, a mass-market sedan with an approximate price of $ 35,000. It has by now received closest 400,000 preorders. Stamping its fleet are also interesting An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory.

The last touch or human touch

An Inside looks at the Tesla Factory

In Tesla, not robots, but human out the finishing touches on Model X by attaching seats, instrument panel, door, and handles. Musk said that its motto to deliver 60 to 80 % more cars in this year than last. If Tesla meets it development goals, then it will roll out its 190,000th vehicle through the end of the year. Musk pegs the output target at a half-million and expects to double which through an end of 2020. This is one very interesting an Inside looks at the Tesla Factory.

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