Most Dangerous forces in the World

Most Dangerous forces in the World 

Dangerous Special Forces are extremely trained military units to perform insecure, unusual missions for nation’s economic, military or political purposes. Whereas we are all respect of the women and men in the air forces, navy and army, there is a force that takes it one action to the front in the danger field.  Force takes out the possible risks and enters a field which is dreaded by the bravest of souls. These are the best Special Forces.  Ranking these Most Dangerous forces in the world is very difficult job.  Because only dangerous Special Forces have the unique abilities and qualities to tackle with risky enemies because during their special training they are so much close to their death, thus that have no fear of death in their lives as they trained well. So, here are lists of the World’s Most Dangerous Special Forces.

Most Dangerous Special Forces of the World

National GIGN (Gendarmerie Intervention Group), France
Most Dangerous forces in the World

Gendarmerie Intervention Group is the one of the most dangerous forces of France.  GIGN is primarily formed by French Armed Forces.  The GIGN force performs special operations such as hostage rescue missions and counter terrorist in France and also everywhere around the world.  Thus all soldiers of GIGN forces are extremely and well trained to meet up no dread of death.

SSG (Special Services Group), Pakistan
Most Dangerous forces in the World

One of the Deadliest Special Forces in the World includes SSG, Pakistan. The SSG force is a best operation force of the Pakistan military. The initial strategy and training of special services group like the US Special Forces and British Army’s SAS pattern. SSG was formed in year of 1956 and it also called black storks. The special services group force is trained for various environments such as jungle, mountain, underwater and desert.

MARCOS Force, India
Most Dangerous forces in the World

MARCOS means ‘Marine Commandos Force’ is the best Indian special force of Indian navy. The MARCOS was prepared for conducting the best special operation includes direct action, asymmetric warfare, hostage rescue, counterproliferation, amphibious warfare, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, and also counter terrorism.  The MARCOS force is particularly trained, organised for the conduct of the particular operations in a marine environment.

JTF2 (Joint Force Task 2), Canada
Most Dangerous forces in the World

Joint Task Force 2 is a Canadian dangerous special force for counter terrorism and special operations. The joint task force 2 were involved in many missions, but the most notable operations are 2001 Afghanistan war and 2006 Iraq war. They are also famous to escort VIPs and provide site security at events such as the 2010 winter Olympics.

Sayeret Matkal, Israel
Most Dangerous forces in the World

Sayeret Matkal force is an Israeli most powerful special force.  The soldiers of Sayeret Matkal force are famous for their intellectual and also high physical characteristics. This most dangerous forces unit is mainly focused on anti terrorism, hostage rescue and investigation outside of the Israel.  The Sayeret Matkal force has performed many large scale operations since 1960s.  The most popular of these, operation Entebbe/Thunderbolt, established the reach and ability of Sayeret Matkal force to the world.

British SAS (Special Air Service)
Most Dangerous forces in the World

British SAS forces are also one of the most dangerous forces from around the world. The SAS are the best fighting force around the world.  SAS considered one of the most well trained Special Forces for hostage rescue, counter terrorism, espionage, as well as direct action.  The forces have motto ‘Who Dares Wins’ and ability to undertake the most dangerous terrorist.

Most Dangerous forces in the World

Navy SEALs, also called USA Navy’s Sea, Air and Land special operators is also one of the best Special Forces in the world. And force is able to work on land and also in sea.  Force is consisting of all male candidates and one of the great warfare forces of USA as this force also associated with CIA.  SEALs are best and the mental and physical strength need to make it in this force is incredibly high.

Special Forces, USA:
Most Dangerous forces in the World

Special Forces, USA also called Green Berets are one of the world’s most dangerous forces. The Special Forces unit is full of rough soldiers but it is their snipers who are considered as the deadliest killers. They start operations related to the coalition support, counter drug and humanitarian operations.

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